Why Buy from Us

Behind every Irish Health Oils product is a story about people working to bring you great quality produce. We are “Guaranteed Irish” certified which simply means that buying Irish made products like Irish Health Oils helps Irish businesses survive and protects Irish jobs.
That’s something we can all be proud of and makes a real difference.
Our Flax and Hemp seeds are grown in Ireland to ensure its quality and traceability and helps to support local growers.

Flax Oil

~Flax oil contains omega oils (essential fatty acids) which heal and repair our bodies.

~Flax oil is the richest source of omega-3 in the plant world.

~Flax oil is excellent for reducing inflammation in the body.

~ The omega-3 in Flax is very good for keeping hair and skin in healthy condition.

~Another big plus is that it is very easy to take and won’t repeat as it is so fresh.

Hemp Oil

~Hemp oil has a lovely nutty flavour and contains omega oils (essential fatty acids).

~Hemp is a good and natural source of omega 3 & 6 oils.

~Hemp oil is also high in Chlorophyll which gives is a distinct green colour.

~ Hemp oil contains vitamins and minerals and is particularly rich in magnesium.

On behalf of Irish Health Oils, thank you for your support.